Wire Rope and Synthetic Rope

Since 1981 All-Lift Systems has been the leader of manufactured Wire Rope products. Our Wire Rope Departments are the largest in the State of Wisconsin & Michigan’s U.P.. We hold the largest inventory of domestic, specialty, and foreign wire ropes such as Aircraft Cable, GAC, Cable Strand, Stainless Steel, IWRC, EIP, Fiber Core, Anti-Rotation, Python Family Of Ropes, Cushion Pac, and even more. All-Lift Systems purchasing volume allows us to buy at low cost from suppliers like Southern, Indusco, Python, Samson and more. We serve the agricultural, construction, marine, forestry, industrial, municipal, and recovery industries. Our staff can provide design & engineering for your lifting needs, qualified Wire & Synthetic Rope Technicians are able to produce mechanical & hand splice wire & synthetic rope chokers (including eye, grommet, and butt splices), thimble eye, two, three, and four legged bridles, along with wire rope grommets, endless, and roller wire rope slings. We also stock all fittings and hardware to create winch lines, hoist lines, buttons, and logging chokers. Need a custom wire rope assembly that may be very small diameter / length or a custom cable holding or lifting assembly, we can handle large volume orders, can mass produce, and meet your shipping requirements. Do you need inspection of 5, 100, 1000, 5000, or 20,000 plus feet of wire or synthetic rope. Please visit our walk in and on line stores, or call one of our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service specialists we are eager to earn your business!