Web Slings and Round Slings

With the largest sewing department in Wisconsin, coupled with the biggest inventory of nylon and poly web material (widths from 1” to 12”), All-Lift Systems is a leading manufacturer of flat web slings and round slings serving a broad range of industries. Our professional sewing team produces slings, from single to five ply, featuring cordura wrapped eyes, edges or complete sling body.

Our industrial sewing machines can handle multi-leg slings, eye & eye, endless, reverse eye, load balancer, wide body, ratchet straps, cargo control straps and much more. All web and round slings exceed OSHA and WSTDA standards.

We stock all fittings and hardware to create custom lifting slings, transportation straps and tiedowns. When you need a sling matched to your important, specific requirements, All-Lift Systems will sew up the task!