Not only is All-Lift Systems known for their extensive Rigging & Fall Protection Offerings but we are highly regarded as the leader providing OSHA & ASME inspections, service & repair.  Our In House Service Team has over 40 years’ experience providing inspections, estimates, and repairs for items such as lever puller & mechanical chain hoists, electric & pneumatic hoists, rotary unions, actuators, lifting magnets, vacuum lifters, and hydraulic lifting / jacking equipment.  Our Neenah & Iron Mountain locations are authorized service centers for CM, Harrington, JPW, Simplex – Enerpac and many more.  Utilizing our extensive training we are able to inspect, diagnose, estimate, repair, load test, and recertify these items effectively & efficiently.  We stock an extensive inventory of repair parts, hoist load & hand chain along with new replacement units for those items not fit to be repaired.  All-Lift Systems is your trusted source for OSHA – ASME inspections, service & repair, call us today 800-236-2554 and ask for All-Lift’s, Service All The Time!!

We provide special training for Safe Lifting & Rigging and Crane Operator

Safe Lifting & Rigging Training Class

Section One

  • Chain Terms & Definition
  • Chain Identification Procedures
  • Proper Use of Alloy Lifting Chain
  • Daily Inspections

Section Two

  • Proper Use of Hoists, Manual & Electric
  • Daily Inspections

Section Three

  • Web Slings Terms & Definitions
  • Web Sling Identification
  • O.S.H.A Compliant Web Sling Inspection Criteria
  • Polyester Material Usage in Slings
  • Daily Inspections

Section Four

  • Wire Rope Terms & Definitions
  • Wire Rope Identification Procedure
  • O.S.H.A Compliant Inspection Procedure
  • Proper Use Of Wire Rope & Wire Rope Slings
  • Daily Inspections

Section Five

  • Rigging Hardware Terms & Conditions
  • Proper Use of Rigging Hardware
  • Fleet Angle Definition
  • Proper Rigging Techniques on all Lifting Slings
  • Weight Calculation
  • Determining Center of Gravity

Crane Operator Training Class


  • Crane Terminology
  • Rigging Orientation
  • Load Control Techniques
  • Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Crane Start Up & Shut Down
  • Crane Movements & Controls
  • Safety Regulations & Standards
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Overhead Crane Fundamentals
  • Hands on review