Self-Retracting Lifelines

All-Lift Systems offers many types of self-retracting lifelines and fall limiters from the nation's top fall protection manufacturers - Guardian, DBI Sala, Protecta, and Miller. Unlike a shock absorbing lanyard, a self-retracting web lanyard or fall limiter eliminates the need for extended fall distance clearance in turn minimizing the risk of injuries. Self retracting lifelines (or SRLs) are a deceleration device which slowly retract during normal worker movement. If the worker is involved in a fall, the self retracting lifeline automatically locks the drum line and arrests the falling action. For your safety and satisfaction, please contact our experienced staff to help choose the right self retracting lifeline for your application. Don't see the brand or type of self retracting lifeline or fall limiter you are looking for on our website? Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

All-Lift Systems is a certified repair center for self-retracting lifelines! Visit our services page for more information!