Since 1981 All-Lift Systems has been the leader of manufactured Flat Web & Round Slings for the Lifting & Transportation Industries. Our State Of The Art Sewing Department located in Neenah Wisconsin is the largest in the State. We hold the largest inventory of nylon & poly web material from 1” to 12” wide. Serving the agricultural, construction, marine, forestry, industrial, municipal, and recovery industries our dedicated hard working staff can provide design & engineering for your web sling lifting needs. All-Lift Systems purchasing volume allows us to buy at low cost from suppliers like Oppermann, Southern Weaving, and more. Our qualified well trained sewers are able to produce single ply and up to 5 ply web slings featuring cordura wrapped eyes, edges, or complete sling body. Our industrial sewing machines are able to produce bridle multi leg slings, eye & eye, endless, reverse eye, load balancer, wide body, ratchet straps, cargo control straps, and much more. All of the web & round slings we produce exceed OSHA & WSTDA Standard. We also stock all fittings and hardware to create custom lifting slings and transportation straps & tie downs. It’s not just a Web Sling it’s an All-Lift Systems Web Sling!!

Type 1 (TC)

Has a Web-Trap triangle on one end and choker on the other end. Typical use is in a choker hitch. Can also be used in vertical and basket hitches. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 2 (TT)

Has a Web-Trap triangle on each end. Normally used in a basket hitch, but can also be used in a vertical hitch. Cannot be used as a choker. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 3 (EE)

Flat Eye & Eye slings are very popular and can be used in all three types of hitches. They are easier to remove from beneath the load than sling Types 1, 2 and 4. Type 3 will be supplied as the standard EE sling, unless Type 4 is requested. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 4 (EE)

Twisted Eye & Eye slings are similar to Type 3 except the eyes are turned 90°. The eyes of a Type 4 nest easily on the crane hook. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 5 (EN)

Endless slings are versatile and the most economically priced. They can be used in all three types of hitches. The sling can be rotated to minimize wear. The sling legs can be spread for improved load balance. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 6 (RE)

An endless sling with butted edges sewn together to double the sling width. They have reinforced eyes and wear pads on both sides of body and eyes for premium wear resistance. Available: Nylon or Poly

Type 8 Cargo Integral Eye (CIE)- Wide Body Sling

For maximum load stability and protection. For basket hitch only. Available: Nylon

Type 9 Cargo Bridle Eye (CBE)- Wide Body Sling

Same use as Integral eye; more economical and for use with lower load weights. For basket hitch only. Available: Nylon




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