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Combining Magnetek’s adjustable frequency drives with Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK electric wire rope hoist monorail units creates a one-of-a-kind, intelligent solution for lifting applications. Magnetek’s IMPULSE®·VG+ and IMPULSE®·G+ Mini are available on monorail configurations up to 15 tons, as well as plug-and-play crane kit configurations up to 15 tons.

IMPULSE·VG+ Series 4 adjustable frequency drive for hoist motion provides reliable, user-friendly controls and industry-leading features to keep operators working safely.

• Encoder Feedback
• Dynamic Braking
• Torque Proving at Start
• Brake Check at Stop
• Load Float™
• Short Circuit Protection
• Phase Loss Detection

Additional features are available for user configuration:
• Load Check II™
• Programmable Limit Switches
• Ultra-Lift™
• Anti-Shock
• Slack Cable Detection
• Micro-Speed™

IMPULSE·G+ Mini adjustable frequency drive for trolley motion provides expanded speed adjustments, improves load control, offers high duty cycles, and increases crane life.

• Compact Design
• Easy Monitoring
• Standard or Advanced Programming
• Available in 208, 230, and 460V (Three
Phase Ratings)

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