Connecting Devices

All-Lift Systems carries many types of fall protection connecting devices, lanyards, and positioning assemblies from the nation's top manufacturers - Guardian, DBI Sala, Protecta, and Miller. Wire rope tie-off cables and positioning lanyards are designed for those environments with excess heat or with fall arrest systems that are subject to corrosive environmental factors. They must be used in combination with shock absorbing devices.

Shock absorbing lanyards absorb the force of the fall should it occur, lessening the force felt by the worker. Many shock absorbing lanyards can be custom made with end fittings to suit your application. For your safety and satisfaction, please contact our experienced staff to help choose the right shock absorbing lanyard or positioning device for your fall protection system. Don't see the brand or type of connecting device you are looking for on our website? Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.