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Solving challenges is the very foundation of Rustoleum. After all, in the beginning, sea captain Robert Fergusson, didn’t particularly care about paint. He just wanted to keep his ship intact. That’s why, when he noticed that an accidental splash of fish oil had stopped the relentless spread of corrosion on his rusty metal deck, he immediately recognized it for what it was: A valuable solution.

The same passion that drove the Captain to spend his next few years creating the world’s first rust-preventative paint still drives us today. 

If you’ve got a surface you need to protect or a look you want to transform, you’ve come to the right place. We have a coating for every challenge. 

Welcome to Rust-Oleum, home of trusted quality—and powerful solutions—since 1921. 

High Performance

Get ultimate protection in industrial environments with long-lasting, labor-saving coatings that provide generous coverage and ultra-durable results—plus the highest paint solids in the industry.

Ideal Use

Wood Structural Steel Metal
Concrete Masonry Storage Tanks
Equipment Vehicles Machinery
Hand Rails Pipes


Industrial Choice

A complete line of multi-purpose coatings for applications indoors and out. From touch up and line striping to inverted marking paint and specialty products, Industrial Choice® is the right choice every time.

Ideal Use

Wood Grass Dirt
Metal Gravel Pavement
Masonry Concrete


Innovative rust-preventative coating system that is changing the way, and the places you can use an aerosol. This is a water-based, NO ODOR, fool-proof, self-correcting aerosol.

Ideal Use

Metal Fiberglass Wood
Aluminum Galvanized Metal Concrete
Ceramic PVC Masonry


META Prime

A patented, self-healing technology to extend coating life on surfaces subject to damage. It is an epoxy primer designed to maintain adhesion and prevent rust creep after the coating is damaged.
Ideal Use


Spray Smart

 First of its kind, patent-pending, propellant-free delivery system for spraying marking paint. The SpraySmart system operates on compression technology to spray paint. For more detailed information visit www.spraysmart.comWe have the future of marking paint in the bag.

Ideal Use

Concrete Dirt Soil
Grass Gravel Pavement
Asphalt Sand Brick

Lubricants and Cleaners

Our high-performance lubricants and cleaners are specially formulated to provide long-lasting lubrication and asset protection—for all your industrial and equipment-maintenance needs. Protection that keeps you in motion.

Ideal Use

Machinery Equipment Pulleys
Tools Gears Cables
Rollers Tracks Engine Components




Keep your company’s assets looking great with Rust-Oleum Commercial coatings—for a professional, high-gloss finish that resists rust and makes a lasting impression. 

Ideal Use

Offices Ceilings Hand Rails
Classrooms Metal Trim Fixtures
Walls Doors Structural Steel
Conference Centers


No matter how basic or extreme your needs, we have a concrete coating to match. Our easy-to-apply products minimize downtime and costs while extending the life of your floors.

Ideal Use

Warehouses Slippery Areas Mechanical Shops
Walkways Locker Rooms Manufacturing Facilities
Laboratories Ramps Vehicle Routes
Food Processing Facilities



Sierra Performance

Get all the industrial performance you need—without the VOCs, solvent odor or hazardous air pollutants. Discover environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional, solvent-based coatings.

Ideal Use

Walls Food/Beverage Facilities Occurpied Spaces
Floors Equipment Schools
Confined Spaces Healthcare Facilities Office Buildings


Mathys is known worldwide for extremely durable water-based coatings that resist corrosion, weather and water, including the very popular Noxyde. Get the ultimate in protection—plus low VOCs.

Ideal Use

Strucktural Steel Bridges Tank Exteriors
Machinery Stadiums Metal Roofs
Equipment Coastal Structures Cladding
Industrial Maintenance



Rust-Oleum® Industrial Specialty

From stopping leaks and transforming rust to creating dry-erase writing surfaces, Rust-Oleum® Specialty products have specialty features for your unique applications. 

Ideal Use

Pool Paint Dry Erase Surfaces Leaky Roofs & Ducts
Steel Coatings Leaky Pipes Frayed Wires
Rust Converters High Temperature Coatings

Mean Green

Even with 40% more cleaning ingredients, Mean Green Industrial Strength is still the best value for the industrial user. Tough jobs, big or small there is a size that is just right for you. 


Pure Strength

For all of your industrial cleaning, degreasing and pre-painting needs, Pure Strength delivers. These all-natural products match the power of solvent-based cleaners—in a safe, non-toxic formula.

Ideal Use

Walls/Floors Aluminum Fiberglass
Dip Tanks Bronze Tile/Grout
Steel Stainless Steel Concrete


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