While rigging is traditionally defined as the rope and assemblies used to support a ship’s masts and sails, in modern times, rigging can also be defined as a method or a set of products used to attached lifting equipment to the load to be lifted. Rigging equipment can be chains or nylon straps. Rigging equipment can include rope, wire rope, or snatch blocks. Cargo control products also fall under the rigging category as they are used to secure a load. All-Lift Systems offers a complete line of rigging tools and equipment from top manufacturers including CrosbyCMSamson RopePeerless ChainKinedyne, and other top manufacturers. We also carry rigging hardware including shackleswire rope clipshooks, and hoist rings. Don’t see the brand or type of rigging equipment you are looking for on our website? Need custom assemblies? Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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