Mining Tow Lines

When heavy equipment becomes stuck in the mud, mine productivity goes down. Recovering the vehicle can be a difficult and dangerous process. Cortland’s patented Plasma® HMPE (High Modulus PolyEythelene) synthetic fiber has been successfully out-performing and replacing steel wire rope in lifting and towing applications for more than 20 years. Unlike wire rope, Plasma® will not rust or corrode and has much better bend and tension-tension fatigue.  These synthetic fiber solutions offer the same strength and elongation characteristics as wire with only 1/7th the weight.

Cortland has also partnered with Applied Fiber to develop a stay cable which greatly increases mine worker safety and productivity. The jacketed Plasma® Haul Truck Tie-back Cables are designed and built specifically to keep a truck bed open during maintenance. To see our complete product offering, click here to see our full Mining brochure.

Vehicle Recovery Tow Lines from Cortland replace wire rope through the use of modern high modulus synthetic fibers in a torque-free braided rope construction.  Sling strengths are available from 23Te to 425Te. Secure protected factory-splice eye terminations are on each end of the certified and tagged tow sling. All Plasma® Vehicle Recovery Tow Slings conform to ASME and OSHA synthetic fiber sling standards as well as other global certifications such as DNV. To find out more, download our Plasma® Vehicle Recovery Tow Lines datasheet.

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