While chain slings can be made out of many grades of chain, we prefer to use durable and reliable Grade 100 chain in the chain slings we manufacture! Not only do you get high quality chain, you are left with a chain sling that will last you through many, many lifting and rigging jobs! As a repairer of chain slings, we have been able to inspect chain slings that have been in service for decades! Lifting slings made from Grade 100 chain offer two distinct advantages over web slings. First, chain slings are cut resistant. You’ll have to try pretty hard to cut through chain! Secondly, chain slings are the most temperature tolerant of lifting slings. They can be used in outdoor applications just as easily as indoor.

As most Grade 100 chain sling assemblies are custom applications, please contact us to custom fabricate your sling for your application. We need to know: how it will be used, your working load requirement, the chain size and length, and which end fittings and hooks you will require. Don’t see what you’re looking for? A custom chain sling can be designed for your specific application. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.


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