All-Lift Systems is a distributor for all major lifting clamp manufacturers: Crosby, Campbell, CM, SuperClamp, J.C. Renfroe, and Terrier Lifting Clamps. Lifting clamps are used to lift and transfer materials and equipment during rigging applications. Depending on the types of materials being lifted, there are many different options of lifting and plate clamps you could use.

Vertical lifting clamps are for the vertical lifting and transporting of steel plates and structures. Some vertical clamps allow for lifting from all positions (horizontal, vertical, and sidelong). Horizontal lifting clamps are used for the horizontal lifting and transporting of steel plates and sheets. Horizontal lifting clamps must always be used in pairs.Screw clamps are designed for vertical and horizontal lifting and transport of many types of steel structures. Pipe lifting clamps are for the vertical lifting and transporting of concrete pipe and walls. Drum clamps are for the safe lifting and transporting of steel oil drums. Beam clamps are designed to lift, suspend, transfer, and position girders, beams, and other structural components. Don’t see the brand or type of lifting clamp you are looking for on our website? Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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