Type 3 EE Web Slings

Type 3 web slings - also known as Eye & Eye (EE) - are very popular slings that can be used in all three types of hitches. They are easy to remove from beneath the load after it is in place. The lightweight material and flexibility allows the sling to be quickly and safely handled. Eye and eye web slings can be made with nylon or polyester material. A treated nylon sling stretches approximately 10% at rated capacity. Nylon’s extra stretch helps avoid shock loading. Nylon web slings should not be used around acids or bleaching agents. A treated polyester sling stretches approximately 7% at rated capacity. Polyester's lesser stretch makes load control easier by reducing bounce. Polyester web slings should not be used near aldehydes or ethers. Don't see the size you are looking for? Need wear pads, coverings, or tags? A custom Type 3 eye & eye web sling can be designed for your specific application. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.