Kinetic (demag distributor)

Kinetic Equipment a sister company of All-Lift Systems, Contrx Industries is a proud authorized distributor, inspection, and repair center in Wisconsin & Michigan’s U.P. for Demag hoists & cranes.   Partnering with Demag for over 20 years Kinetic Equipment takes pride offering our customers Demags full line of bridge cranes which include single and double boxed girder design.  Demag also offers a wide variety of electric and wire rope hoist units, drives, and handling solutions for all your Material Handling needs. From Small Workshops to large Industrial Enterprises, Kinetic Equipment & Demag  can provide a perfect solution for your handling and lifting applications.

In addition, Kinetic Equipment offers Regional OSHA compliance inspections by a qualified service technician. Inspections are available monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually for your Demag hoists and Overhead Cranes. Our skilled technicians have been trained by Demag and are Advanced Idapsy certified. Our skilled technicians can also provide qualified inspection / repair for your lever pullers / chain falls, round slings, web swings, wire rope slings, fall protection, and below the hook lifting devices.  Our preventive maintenance programs are tailored to your inspection needs which include OSHA compliant electronic record-keeping reports.  Let Kinetic Equipment take the guesswork out of OSHA compliance and know what is necessary to keep your Demag cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment operating safely and at an Optimal Performance level.  Our reputation, experience, flexibility, and attention to detail make us your Premier Service provider.

Kinetic Equipment, Putting The Charge Back In Your Material Handling & Inspection Needs!!  


Demag offers a wide selection of cranes, electric and wire rope hoist units, drives, and handling solutions for all your material handling needs. From small workshops to large industrial enterprises, Demag cranes, hoists, and handling solutions can work separately or together to provide the perfect lifting solution for your applications.

Kinetic Equipment, Inc, a sister company of All-Lift Systems, is a proud distributor of Demag hoists and cranes. Kinetic Equipment stocks Demag hoist and crane replacement parts and is a repair center for Demag hoists and cranes in Wisconsin and Michigan