TEUFELBERGER was first established in 1790 by Jakob Teufelberger, who, at the age of 21, purchased a hemp ropery and went on to make ropes for farmers and for raftsmen shipping salt on the Traun river. Today, this company is managed by Florian Teufelberger, by now the 7th generation to run the family business, and is still 100% family owned. TEUFELBERGER operates in select markets around the globe and, for its steady growth, successfully leverages the opportunities that globalization affords.

The extraordinary dedication shown by the Teufelberger family has always been a factor providing stability and motivation. A privately owned family enterprise, TEUFELBERGER is autonomous and independent. The family’s strong involvement in and commitment to the company and harmonious family ties help generate an atmosphere of stability. Experience gained throughout the centuries continues to have an impact to this very day. This becomes manifest in defined principles and values which the family members feel and live committed to. This core philosophy of the owners constitutes a key success factor for the continued positive development of TEUFELBERGER where we think in generations, not only in quarter years.