Electroline® Industrial Wire Rope Fittings

Electroline® wire rope sleeves are the “swageless solution” to terminating the ends of wire rope and cable. Contact us with any questions about your application. We’ll connect you to the wire rope fitting solution that works best for you.

Our capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, tapping, metal fabrication, welding and assembly. We successfully produce high-quality components to exact specifications. Our manufacturing workforce includes skilled programmers, machinists, welders and assembly personnel.

Clevis (Fork, Jaw) Fittings

Eye End Fittings

Oval Eye, Drum Socket, and Coupling Fittings

Stud Fittings


Hooks and Eye Swivels

Life Line Fittings

Antenna Fittings

Sleeves and Assembly Kits

Wire Rope Plugs