DCMS-Pro Manulift

Demag chain hoists are a perfect match for DC chain hoists and ideal for installation on I-beam girders or on our KBK light crane system. For push travel or with electric positioning – these trolleys provide horizontal travel solutions tailored to meet specific requirements for our compact hoist units. What possibilities do they offer?

  • U type trolleys for manual travel
  • E type trolleys for low-sway electric travel
  • Click-fit trolleys that can be clicked into position
  • Smooth-running KBK trolleys as system components
  • Low-headroom trolleys for optimum utilisation of the available height
  • Double chain hoist for mechanically synchronised lifting, e.g. for long material or large-volume components



Click-fit trolleys

  • Simple click-fit installation
  • Articulated trolleys (minimum curve radius: 800 mm)
  • Easily adaptable to standard-profile or parallel-flange sections
  • High safety and reliability thanks to integrated drop-stop and lift-off protection
  • Universal solutions for loads up to 550 kg
  • Flange widths from 50 to 91 mm

U/RU push-travel trolleys

  • Excellent travel characteristics
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Can be used on parallel and sloping flanges
  • Smooth travel, low travel resistance
  • Negotiate curves down to a minimum radius of 1,000 mm
  • Drop stop integrated into the side cheek
  • Extremely low girder wear
  • Designs with polyamide or steel rollers
  • Compact, state-of-the-art industrial design.
  • Four sizes: U 11 up to 1,100 kg, U 22 up to 2,200 kg, U 34 up to 3,.400 kg, RU 56 up to 5,600 kg

E 11 to E 34 electric travel drives

  • Smooth starting and braking
  • Low-sway load handling
  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Designed for operation with DC-Pro chain hoists
  • Control via DSE 10-C/DSE 10-CS control pendants
  • Fast availability thanks to plug-&-drive: plug-in connection to DC-Pro chain hoists
  • Simple installation of the control pendant for long/cross travel
  • Optional accessory: cross-type limit switches for fast-to-slow and final limit-switch cut-off

KBK trolleys

  • E 22 fitted as standard with RF 125 friction-wheel travel drive for use with KBK light crane system
  • Particularly short approach dimensions for vertical mounting arrangement

Technical Data

Selection table

Max. dis- placeable weight incl.
dead load2)

Travel speed at 50/60 HzPossible
Vrated at full load
Vmax at partial load1)
V at full load
V at partial load
1,100E 1124/630/7.51.2-241.5-30U 114
2,200E 22-C24/630/7.51.2-241.5-30U 22
U 34
2,200E 22-C27/733/81.4-271.65-33RF 1255
3,400E 3414/3.50.7-14U 345
5,600EU 5612/4 24/6 40/10 – On application RU 568.8

1) Possible by programming other parameters
2) Max. displaceable weight/max. gradient 1% > 1% on request

Curve radii for trolleys

Runway girderTravel wheel material
Push travelElectric travel
 [kg]Flange width [mm]RminFlange width [mm]Rmin 
CF 555050-91800Plastic
U 11 DC
EU 11 DC
1,10058-3101,00058-3102,000Plastic 2)
U 22 DC
EU 22 DC
2,20074-2004)2,00082-2004)3,000Spheroidal-graphite cast iron 3)
U 34 DC
EU 34 DC
2,00082-3101)3,000Spheroidal-graphite cast iron
RU 56 DC
EU 56 DC
5,60098-3102,0005)98-3102,5005)Spheroidal-graphite cast iron

1) Flange width for DC 16/25 = 90-310 mm
2) Steel travel wheels optional
3) Plastic travel wheels on request
4) Flange width for DC 16/25 = 90-200 mm
5) From flange width 106 mm

The specified curve radii apply for normal applications. Contact the manufacturer or his representative for frequent curve travel operation (e.g. automatic installations).