EPKE-O single-girder overhead travelling crane

Are you looking for a crane solution that matches your standardised workshop architecture? A solution that can be supplied with a short lead time and which offers better value than the usual standard solutions? And which meets your demanding requirements in terms of quality, reliability and performance in full? Then the Demag EPKE-O single-girder overhead travelling crane is the right choice. Available as a crane or crane set.

Tried and tested, uncompromising Demag quality

The top-connected rolled-profile girder offers optimum value with genuine Demag quality components for a wide range of options to choose from. EPKE-O cranes can be supplied as complete cranes or as crane sets, which only contain the main components. A crane set allows you to select your own crane girder.

Demag EPKE-O provides you with a crane installation that can be supplied more quickly, more easily and more cost-effectively to meet your application needs thanks to its basic design.

  • EPKE-O both as complete cranes or as crane sets (which do not include a crane bridge)
  • Excellent value as an alternative to cranes that have box-section girders
  • Additional safety thanks to derailment guard fitted as standard
  • High operating reliability thanks to components that have a long service life
  • Safe, reliable and rugged control system, either with an intelligent CAN bus processor system or with contactor control
  • Simple installation saves time on site thanks to prepared assemblies

EPKE-O: crane

Simple design and installation
The benefits resulting from the simple crane design and installation enable you to integrate EPKE-O flexibly into existing or planned buildings for optimum utilisation of the available space. This crane design offers you uncompromising quality, safety and reliability. EPKE-O, the single-girder overhead travelling crane with a top-connected rolled-profile girder provides you with high-quality Demag engineering and excellent value. For the most demanding requirements in terms of safety and reliability, based on decades of expertise in all aspects of crane design. High quality and maximum rigidity – tough and ready to meet your daily operating needs.

  • Girder length tailored to your needs for spans up to 17.8 m
  • High-performance rope hoists in three sizes up to 12.5 t
  • Conventional bolted connections instead of high-tensile bolts
  • No welding certificate required for rolled-profile girders in Europe
  • Compact cross-travel approach dimensions
  • Optimum long-travel approach dimensions with 1,500 mm wheel base, the most compact design in its class

EPKE-O: crane set

The EPKE-O crane set is the fastest solution offering the best value for a crane manufacturer to complete a crane. It contains all main components, from the drive and rope hoist to the electric equipment. You only have to add the appropriate crane girder. The EPKE-O crane set can be configured to meet individual needs to complete cranes and material handling systems. If required, we can supply the structural calculation for the crane girder, which you can simply integrate into your documentation. This saves you time and makes it easy for you to co-ordinate delivery with your supplier.

Local procurement – fast delivery
The opportunity to procure the crane girder locally and to install it direct on site, makes it possible to cut delivery times and save shipping costs. At the same time, you benefit from immediate availability. Crane manufacturers can easily integrate the newly developed crane set into their own steel superstructure. In short, our pre-assembled product packages provide for efficient crane production.

  • High safety standard
  • Configurations to meet your specific needs
  • Rolled-profile or box-section girder
  • Local procurement of the crane girder Short delivery lead time
  • Crane girder structural calculation, if required Proven Demag brand quality
  • German engineering

Design variants Variants for optimum adaptation to the building design

Technical Data

Load capacity3.2 t 5 t 6.3 t10 t12.5 t
 EKDR-Com 4/1Com 4/1Com 4/1
Pro 4/1 Pro 4/1Pro 4/1
 Spanlkr uo to 17.8 m