Cortland is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technologically advanced cables, ropes, slings, and strength members. Collaborating with customers, our team uses its experience in high performance materials and market knowledge to transform ideas into proven products.

In 1979, we began as Puget Sound Rope, founded on the premise that high performance fibers and new technology could be used to replace wire rope in 1979. We joined Cortland Cable in 1999, which was incorporated by Dr. E. Scala as a spin-off of the Cortland Line Company.

For almost 40 years, our custom-built solutions have been developed to work in the toughest environments and overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges. They consistently enable our customers to meet the demands of the aerospace, defense, medical, research, subsea, marine, and energy industries.

Cortland is now a part of Actuant Corporation (NYSE: ATU), a diversified industrial company with operations in more than 30 countries.

Ship and Barge Mooring Lines

Cortland offers a wide range of mooring line solutions depending upon your application needs. We can produce mooring lines to order, based upon your strength requirements, the length of line required and the expected loads.

Tug & Salvage Lines

Tug lines are one of the most demanding applications in the commercial marine industry due to the high loads and abrasion these ropes experience on each job. Cortland has supplied quality products to tugs all over the world for ship assist, towing, and escort jobs, for many years.

Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips

Utility Pulling Lines are ropes used by electrical utility companies or often utility contractor companies for pulling utility transmission wires through blocks and into place on transmission towers.

Utility & RV Winch Lines

Cortland manufactures a wide range of high performance synthetic fiber Winch Lines, including vehicle recovery winch lines, ATV winch lines and tow ropes.

Rope Slings

Cortland’s range of synthetic fiber products and associated hardware offers outstanding strength to weight ratio and ease of handling and is used worldwide for lifting, tethering and strapping applications.

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