Airmaster Fan’s history originates in 1886 as the first electrical fan was patented by the Diehl Fan Company. Over the next century, Airmaster Fan acquired the Chelsea, Brundage and Power Line Fan companies and marketed each brand separately. To streamline operations, sales and marketing of circulation/ventilation products were consolidated in 2002 to one name, Airmaster Fan Company.   

In 2013, Airmaster Fan was purchased by another family business from Germany, the Maico group. The Maico group is a globally recognized leader in ventilation products and are known for their product quality, reliability and reputation.  Maico also brings additional new market opportunity, fan innovation and product expertise to Airmaster Fan.  Airmaster Fan is proud to be a part of the Maico group and we look forward to future growth.

Today, Airmaster Fan manufactures, designs and warehouses product in Clarklake, Michigan. We also maintain stocking warehouses across the United States keeping people, processes and plants cool. Airmaster Fan exports throughout the world and offers the largest line of air moving equipment in North America. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of complete air circulation, ventilation and heating solutions in North America ;as well as, other global markets. At Airmaster Fan we value our relationships and work continuously to provide you with the highest quality circulation/ventilation fans in the industry. 


For health and safety as well as comfort, when the weather turns warm Airmaster Fans provide the cooling action necessary to keep employees happy and productive. An incredibly wide selection of air circulators, spot coolers, Mancoolers®, and air blasters provides just the right unit for your application.


The next pillar for effective indoor air quality is building ventilation. Make your building breathe properly. Airmaster panel fans, roof ventilators, shutters, and louvers are the key.