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DMR 20 with Contactor Controls

You can now quote the DMR 20 with contactor controls in Demag CraneExpert! Quickly configure a crane kit up to 50 tons. Not using Demag CraneExpert?  Contact your District Manager to be set up with the program or to get additional training.

Offer Customers Flexibility with KBK Modular Crane Systems

Launched more than 50 years ago, the Demag KBK Modular Crane System has offered flexibility and efficiency to nearly every industry! KBK systems are customizable to nearly any light lifting  job. The next time your customers need to integrate material handling into existing production infrastructure, see what our KBK system can do to make the area more efficient and safe.

See how customers around the world use KBK !

Ceiling Mounted KBK

KBK Freestanding Cantilever 

Deliver Power Anywhere with the DCL-Pro!

Safely delivering power to transfer cars and systems that handle materials on the ground is vital. Demag has a comprehensive line of motors and gear boxes to move nearly anything. Pair  your trusted  motor and gearbox system with the DCL-Pro to safely power the job! The DCL-Pro Compact Conductor Line delivers power safely with a long service life. It is easy to install, quick to assemble and rugged for even the most active jobs. Click to learn more about the DCL-Pro Compact Conductor Line online or by contacting your District Manager.

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