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The Lodestar VS makes maintaining, monitoring and programming a hoist easier than ever. Now available in capacities up to 3 tons, the Lodestar VS combines industry-leading hoist design with best-in-class adjustable frequency drive performance.

The Lodestar VS features CM HI-Tech™ (Hoist Interface Technology) – one of the easiest to use computer interfaces on the market. With a convenient access port, users can easily connect to CM HI-Tech to:

  • Adjust hoist speed
  • Set upper and lower hoist limits
  • Enable additional electronic overload protection
  • Instantly access hoist status and fault information

Driving the Lodestar VS is the Magnetek IMPULSE®•G+ Mini drive that utilizes advanced programming features to monitor the lift, load, current and voltage. 

*Available to the U.S. Market only

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