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The Lodestar VS makes maintaining, monitoring and programming a hoist easier than ever. Now available in capacities up to 3 tons, the Lodestar VS combines industry-leading hoist design with best-in-class adjustable frequency drive performance.

The Lodestar VS features CM HI-Tech™ (Hoist Interface Technology) – one of the easiest to use computer interfaces on the market. With a convenient access port, users can easily connect to CM HI-Tech to adjust hoist speed, set upper and lower hoist limits, enable additional electronic overload protection and instantly access hoist status and fault information.

Driving the Lodestar VS is the the Magnetek IMPULSE®•G+ Mini drive that utilizes advanced programming features to monitor the lift, load, current and voltage. This ensures better hoist performance and less wear and tear on the unit. The drive is also backed by 24/7 aftermarket support.

Read the CM Lodestar VS brochure.

Visit the CM Lodestar VS webpage.

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