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Since the Industrial Revolution, overhead cranes have been put to use in a variety of diverse applications to move heavy and oversized objects that other material handling methods cannot. As your business changes with the introduction of new products or processes, so do your material handling requirements, and your existing overhead equipment may not be able to meet these demands. From the slow speeds and limited ratings of early cranes, we now find hoisting speeds of over 300 FPM, bridge speeds as high as 1,000 FPM, handling loads from 10 pounds to over 1,000 tons.
Three options exist for equipment improvement – buy a new crane, refurbish a used crane, or upgrade the present crane.
All-Lift Systems, Contrx Industries works with today’s top providers such as Magnetek to provide & install solutions for up-grading your existing crane and demonstrate how today’s technology provides a cost-effective
means to make your crane more efficient, productive, and safer. This article will discuss Control technology & AC Crane Modernizations.

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