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Guardian is pleased to announce our new 8′ Diablo Cable SRL-LE. The Diablo Cable SRL-LE takes the functionality of our popular Diablo web SRL right to the leading edge! The Diablo Cable SRL-LE features a 3/16″ galvanized steel cable and unique integrated shock absorber that gives the worker-at-height confidence to work in conditions where web or non-leading-edge SRLs simply can’t go. The Diablo Cable SRL-LE has been designed to meet ANSI’s most stringent leading-edge requirements, and has been tested on sharp edges with an aggressive .005″ radius; similar to that found on structural steel.

The quick-attach Dual SRL Bracket connects securely to harness webbing, leaving the dorsal D-ring available for incidental tie-offs or rescue if necessary. The snap hooks remain slightly extended from the housing when fully-retracted for easy access and to reduce unwanted tension when an unused leg is parked on a keeper.

The Diablo Cable SRL-LE is an ANSI Z359.14-compliant Class A SRL, and limits arrest forces to 1,350 lbs., with a maximum deceleration distance of 24″ in non-leading-edge applications – which also makes it suitable for government or military EM-385-regulated jobsites.

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The Diablo Cable SRL-LE is available in the following configurations

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