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Congratulations to our All-Lift Systems Service Technicians who completed the coveted Demag Advanced Idapsy Training.  The class which focuses on the Advanced Version of IDAPSY software defines the IDAPSY parameters and practically demonstrates how to make changes in the field to the parameters.    The use of the software for troubleshooting and the internal troubleshooting tools are also emphasized to accomplish the following.

  •  Website, Downloads, Updates
  •  License Renewals, Reactivation, Rules, Contacts
  •  Website, Downloads, Updates
  • Site Analysis Procedure
  • Connection to DR Hoist and CANBUS
  • External Audible and Visible Error Codes
  • LCD Screen, Wrench Symbol, Error Codes by Number
  • Operating Data, Statistics, and Usable Info for Service
  • Parameters: Changing Parameters, Service Reset, Meaning of parameters.
  • Troubleshooting Tools: Idapsy Monitor, CAN Monitor, Flowcharts in Manuals
  • Files and naming conventions.
  • Manipulating Files: Download/Upload, Comparison Mode, and Screens
  • Special procedures and updates.
  • Practical Sessions

A prerequisite for the Advanced Idapsy Training is the Demag Crane Inspection Seminar which provides    proper inspection methods for Demag cranes.  The class offers inspectors a practical understanding of OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and CMAA crane codes with an emphasis on how to apply them to Demag cranes.  Demag requirements and criteria are also covered.   Inspectors receive a set of standards to apply to their inspection method.    The Demag Crane Inspection Seminar emphasizes understanding and implementing compliance requirements.    There is a time allotted for hands-on training and practice with real world inspection findings.

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